Choosing the best sightseeing tours in Mauritius according to your budget

Choosing the best sightseeing tours in Mauritius according to your budget

One of the most stunning islands in the Indian Ocean is Mauritius. In case you are looking for a place to experience the best sightseeing tours, this is the best place to visit. There are so many beaches, lagoons and also coral reefs on this fantastic island that makes it an excellent place to be on a vacation or a holiday. When you are looking for a home with to be during your holidays, then consider travelling to Mauritius. You will experience the best Mauritius tours according to your budget if you choose the following places in the course of your stay:


It is one of the most beautiful and most attractive places on the South Western side of Mauritius. There are so many things to discover and also enjoy seeing during your trip to this place. For instance, there are places for nature walks, beautiful waterfalls, the Ebony forest, and even the 7 Colored Earth.

The 7 Coloured Earth

Although this is a tiny place with coloured dunes with plantations around it, it is one of the major tourist attraction sites in Mauritius. The coloured earth is a result of volcanic activity and due to reactions of chemical processes. Apart from the color patterns at Chamarel, you can also engage in activities such as archery and hiking.

The Ebony Forest

The Ebony Forest is one of the most conserved reserves in Mauritius. As the name suggests, the forest is full of Ebony trees but with other types of flowering plants that you can only find in Mauritius since this is their place of origin. Apart from the trees, you will have a chance to watch so many types of birds flying from one tree to another, especially the endemic birds. The reserve also provides beautiful walkways and even hiking trails for nature lovers. From the paths and walkways, you will have a clear view of the Coast of Mauritius.

La Rhumerie de Chamarel

In case you want to see how companies distill their rum, this is a perfect place for you. There so many types of rums that you will find in this place and if you are lucky enough, you will have a chance to taste the brand that you like most. As such, it will be cheaper than buying the rums in any shops outside the companies because the prices are more than double.

Helicopter & Seaplane tours

At times when you hear about touring, people only think of walking from one place to another as they adventure the beauty of nature. However, in your trip to Mauritius, there is beyond walking and hiking. There are sceneries that you will only enjoy watching them and also taking their photographs but only when you are above them. The best example is the underwater fall.

You can only have a clear view of the fall when you are in a helicopter or on a plane. In case you need to see such sceneries clearly or even take aerial photographs, you need to have a helicopter or seaplane tour. However, these kinds of trips are so much expensive, and hence, not everyone can afford them. The helicopter only allows for only 4, 3, or 2 people at a time. The tour charges also depend on the number of people that you are flying with, and the route you choose. For a helicopter or seaplane tour, you will need to submit details such as your nationality, passport number, date of birth, gender, and be your weight.

Bois Cheri

Bois Cheri is one of the smallest villages in the Southern part of Mauritius. It is a home for the second largest tea factory and also tea museum. The tea factory goes by the name Domaine de Bois Cheri, and it is the largest producing factory in the whole island. What makes your visit more adventurous is the fact that you will have a chance to taste the tea manufactured by this factory. There are tour guides to guide you through the tea plantation, around the factory and also in the museum. Since the Bois Cheri is just near the lake and endemic trees, the visit at Bois Cheri is adventurous to all.

Depending on the length of time you want to spend in Bois Cheri there are accommodations for you. In case you have several days to pay, you can book a room in the Bubble Lodge. For a stay of less than a day, then you can take your meals from Bois Cheri Restaurant. In case you need to have a better place and which that fits your budget, you need to get a vacant room in The Bubble Lodge.

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