Mauritius adventure tours to add to your bucket list

Mauritius adventure tours to add to your bucket list

When it comes to holidays away from home, the great Author Mark Twain was at pains to say that exploration of the world around you expands the mind. When it came to Mauritius, his usual dry wit escaped him, and he went into raptures. He said that the bible account of heaven was wrong. In his mind, God created Mauritius first, then the heaven. There can be a minimal argument that Mauritius is fascinating. It has played home to travelers from the Indies and Arabia. Many European vessels also disgorged sailors and explorers who were intent on leveraging its strategic position and its domestic products for profit.

Today, the situation is a little different. Mauritius is still the producer of some of the best vanilla pods in the world, and the great food available on the island continues to attract visitors. There is one significant difference; some of these visitors do not arrive in tall ships to trade or load aboard local produce for export. They land on the shores of the island intent on exploring its natural wonders and fascinating cultures.

There are also the undoubted attractions of Mauritian cuisine, depths of culture and history and that beautiful and unique flora and fauna.

The problem when it comes to Mauritius is that there is so much to explore. So if you want to draw up a bucket list of adventure tours in Mauritius, what should you be looking at?

Ile Aux Cerfs

The first tour on your bucket list must be an offshore excursion to Ile aux Cerfs. Accessed via trips from Blue Bay this island off the coast of Mauritius is about as close to an unspoiled paradise as one could wish. Pristine sands and azure waters greet those who step off the boat. Mauritius is the perfect excursion for those who want that ideal experience of the seas and sands of an island that is as close to Robinson Crusoe experience that is possible. Making the experience even more special is the possibility of whale sightings along the way. For the more adventurous dipping into the dark blue slumber of the waters on this excursion makes it possible to experience something majestic – swimming with dolphins in their natural environment.

Le Morne Brabant Hike

For those who want to stretch their legs hiking the 556m (around 1,825ft), Le Morne Brabant is an experience that is akin to entering fairyland. The history of this fabled mount is both uplifting and tragic – given the island’s history of slavery. It is by no means an easy hike – the gradients can be challenging – but it will be an outdoor experience not easily forgotten.

Domaine de L’etoile

There is another bucket list item that you cannot ignore when visiting Mauritius- the zipline experience of Domaine de l’étoile. It is the longest ziplining at one place in the world – and allows visitors to experience the island from a vantage point usually experienced by birds. The course runs around 3,500 meters and offers a beautiful idea of what the island must have looked before settlement.

Take some time off. Explore your world – and make sure that you when you finally arrive at this unique island you do not tick off your entry on your bucket.

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